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I am. From here, for a more "logical" understanding, I can define myself as a friend, husband, father, son, engineer, martial artist, hoplologist, scuba diver, politician, therapist, expert witness, reader, student, fencer, recreationist, orientalist, technologist, traveller, coach, collector, mensan and some other things; not necessarily in this order of priority or importance.

I am someone quite restless and hipster looking to learn and experience every moment and to share it with whoever wants to listen.

Page in reconstruction.

I still have not a very clear idea of what can and should appear on this site ... any indication or advice will be welcome.

Xavi Vila.

Thought of the day

  • Quis custodiet ipsus custodes - It means, "Who watches the watchers?". Topic born some centuries ago, but still valid..

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